Pledge of Ashes


Pledge of Ashes

Book One of the Rise series

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Sydney Hoven is a mechanic, Detroit born and bred. She’s also a recovering psychic. She’s done trying to use her abilities to help people. The world doesn’t want her help, and so her abilities, whatever they might be, are locked away.

When Syd meets Devon at a Detroit bar, she’s drawn to him; it would be impossible not to be. But there’s danger there, too. He’s got powers no human being possesses. He tells her an archangel has tasked him and his brother with her protection.

When a demon attacks and learns the truth of Devon’s lineage, Syd must decide to use her abilities and accept crushing responsibility or let Devon and her city burn.

Those abilities have been locked away for a very long time.

Pledge of Ashes is the first book in the Rise urban fantasy series that features angels and demons, men who have no business looking that good, and a female heroine who is learning to wield incredible power.

Come visit Detroit after dark. Discover Pledge of Ashes today.

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