Fallen From Ashes


Fallen From Ashes

When a man enlists the Guardian Army’s help to find his missing wife, Syd quickly discovers this isn’t just a housewife on the run. Syd’s city is under threat by one of Lucifer’s most devastating weapons, a horde of Adscio demons. There’s only one way to stop them: find the Prime and destroy it.

Time is running short before the possession reaches epidemic proportions, and Syd must unite her soldiers against a brutal enemy. The Adscio have been to Earth before, and they tore a festering gash into the Guardian Army which has never truly healed. But the secrets hidden inside the Guardian Army might be the most damning wound of all.

Fallen from Ashes is the third book in the Rise romantic urban fantasy series that features angels and demons, men who have no business looking that good, and a heroine learning to wield incredible power.

Check out the Books page to read more, including getting acquainted with Sydney Hoven and her archangel problems in Pledge of Ashes, the first book in the Rise series.

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